Colorflow – Nice Cream


Limited Edition Print (10/10)
Size: 50×70 cm | 135,00 EUR

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Limited Print (10 of 10)
Reproductive C-print on archivable Ilford Galerie Prestige paper
Size: 50×70 cm


“I draw life and love in lines.”

FLOWSOFLY [flow-so-fly] is the pen name of a contemporary Austrian artist, living and working in Vienna. Starting in 2015 with an anonymous Instagram account, FLOWSOFLY has since become a leading figure in line art, with solo exhibitions reaching from Vienna, to California and Peru. A global community of over 300,000 fans follow the artist online, thousands of whom wear the art under their skin. FLOWS’s lines vary from intricate and fragile, to bold, raw and wild, capturing humans in intimate scenes.

“I feel that there’s enough self-promotion on social media so I decided to show my art and work, not my persona. Moreover, anonymity can make my art more relatable because viewers use their own imagination instead of trying to interpret the art through my eyes and life.”

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